Nobody needs the IMK
For Self-determination and Solidarity

Demonstration against the Conference of the Ministers of the Interior in Mainz

Wednesday, 24th of June, 19:00 at the central station Mainz

From the 24th until the 26th of june the ministers of the interior from the different federal states of Germany and
the federalminister of the interior, De Maizère, are meeting up in Mainz. They are going to counsel and decide about the amplification of the authorities of the police and the inland secret service (‘Verfassungsschutz’, short VS). That’s why we call out to partake in the actions against this conference (the Innenministerkonferenz, short ‘IMK’).

A central topic is going to be the policy on asylum in Germany. The policy of migration does not focus on the human being but on aspects of utility. It’s not enough that the policies of the german government have blocked every halfway secure passage for refugees. Through their neo-colonial explotation, export of weapons and subsidized agrarian goods, merciless extortion of resources and interest and also through interventions by military or secret service, the german government has created the misery of which millions of people are fleeing from!

The death of thousands in the mediteranean sea does not lead to the opening of legal passages for refugees. The opposite is happening: Through attacks on ships, routes of escape should be sensitively cut. In this way, the battle against human traffickers is becoming a battle against the refugees.

We demand: Open legal routes of escape!

Against the disputed idea of distributing refugees throughout Europe on the basis of aquota we put the demand of a free choice of country for the refugees. Furthermore in June, the broadest aggravation of the residential laws for Germany since the beginning of 1990s is supposed to take effect. In future the order for costudy to secure deportation, the issuing of forbiddance to enter and reside in Germany and deportations as such are supposed to be carried out faster and with less compromise. What can you do against this brutal cynism? At least protest!

While the perspectives for refugees and the financial means for asylum are getting increasingly cut back, the police and the agencies of securities are getting upgraded with capacities. In this way the inland security got more money, staffand capacities as a result of the scandal of the VS/NSU and his provenentanglement with the scene of german neo-nazis. Also the seperation between the work of police and secret service became even more softend up. Is this a way to avoid in future that similar scandals appear to the public?

In comperence our freedoms of speech and assembly become more and more restricted. As a reaction towards the Blockupy-Movement the ministers of the interior put the new “paragraph of protection” §112 on their agenda. This paragraph can lead to jail-sentences up to ten years for protesters who put to much emphasis on their resistance. In this way a system of repression to protect capitalism, which declares every elementary protest as a security risk and oppresses it, gets furthermore upgraded.

Against this we want to protest loud and visibly! Also we want to inform you in the run-up with a variety of events.
All humans should be capable to choose where they desire to live. So we stand against the ruling selective policy of asylum by the federal states and government. In a democratic-pluralist society the critic of the status quo is an inherent part. So we stand against the restriction of basic liberties. What we stand for is a life of self-determination and solidarity. Or as Hüseyn Çelebi said: “We must be the new perspective instead of always just depicting other ones”.

Caller: The Alliance “Kein Mensch braucht die IMK Mainz” /